Majestic Sounds DJ Entertainment
Company Policies
Majestic Soundshas established the following guidelines for payments, refunds, and other exceptions to executed contracts.

Please use these terms as a reference for any questions or concerns that may arise.

If for any reason your question has not been answered to your satisfaction, please feel free to contact one of our associates, or owner JR Manion at (270)210-6443. We promise to respond in a prompt and professional manner.


A $100.00 deposit and a signed contract are required before a date is reserved and considered booked.

All deposits** are Non-Refundablebut are Transferable* to another date and/or time based on availability.


Cancellations made more than 120 days prior to an event will forfeit the full amount of the eventís deposit.*

Cancellations made between 120 and 91 days prior to the event will be charged half of the price of the event.

Cancellations made 90 days or less prior to the event will be charged the full amount of the event.

Events booked with a verbal contract less than 90 days before an event which are cancelled shall be charged the full agreed upon price of the event.

Terms of Majestic Soundís Cancellation Policy can only be revised by JR Manion and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Any changes to the contracted time of the event will be handled on a case by case basis.

Payment of the contracted balance is due by end of the event. Earlier payment is accepted and encouraged.

In the event payment in full is not rendered by the close of the event, a late charge of 10% of the eventís total price will be incurred for each day that payment has not been received.
A fee of $50.00 will be charged for any payments by checks that are returned for insufficient funds.
Please handle any future bookings either before or after an event, (not during please.)
Overtime requested in addition to the eventís contracted time will be charged $50.00 per hour.

Mileage charges are $0.45 per mile after the 100 mile round trip allowance is exhausted.
Majestic Sounds will not be held liable for any accidents or damages at the venue where they are contracted to play, regardless of the circumstances.
The DJ of the event reserves the right to stop Majestic Soundís services at any time if violent, threatening or unsafe conditions arise. (Examples include fighting, severe weather, or any other condition that could harm the guests, DJ, and/or equipment).
Majestic Sounds reserves the right to refuse to play any music that could be offensive to minors and/or senior citizens.
* Transfers must be made with the date decided upon within one year of the contract date, based upon availability.
** Majestic Sounds does not require Deposits for school, church, or corporate functions.