Wedding Ceremony


This is a little about how a traditional wedding ceremony normally proceeds anything can be changed to fit your needs.




The Prelude is an interval of music starting 20 to 30 minutes prior to your ceremony. Your music establishes the mood for your wedding. The mood is up to you and you can use vocal or instrumental music to create it. The music can also introduce a suitable background for prayer, reflection, and light conversation.


Seating of the Parents


The groom’s mother, father, and finally the bride’s mother who is the last person escorted to their seats. A classical piece with a strong march rhythm will capture the guest’s attention and announces the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The music continues until the aisle carpet has been unrolled.




The bridesmaids start the procession followed by the ring bearer, and the flower girl.

The music should have a clearly audible cadence so it is easy for your attendants to can keep in time while walking.


Brides Entrance


The bride’s entrance is the climax of the day. The music played greatly contributes to this lifelong memory. 




The end of the ceremony is usually marked by the bridal kiss or the announcement of the married couple. The bride and groom exit arm in arm followed by the flower girl, ring bearer, and bridesmaids/groomsmen.




The postlude begins after the recessional. Since the music expresses your joy it should be fast and triumphant.